Class at Pure Pilates Ilkley

The first step to joining any Studio Equipment Session at Pure Pilates in Ilkley is to book an assessment with one of our teachers. This is your private time to discuss any issues or goals you may have, and for the teacher to start the process of designing your initial programme in the studio.
Session in the Studio are always by appointment only.
Should you wish to book a Studio Assessment or a Class Session just send us an email.
Advice for Pregnancy and Post Natal Pilates is below.

Corona Virus Changes to Schedule

During this Corona Virus outbreak Studio Equipment Sessions will be mainly limited to 1:1s, duets and small groups(maximum of 3).
All sessions in the studio are by appointment only. Please email to enquire, rather than drop in, but our Online Group Matwork Class options are available for you to book online. Please email to arrange any Online Private & Duet Classes.

When we are open during this virus outbreak:
Please arrive at the studio ready, bringing your own towel and water.
To allow for social distancing and the extra cleaning and sterilisation of equipment between sessions, Studio Sessions will be 50 minutes.

All Group Matwork Classes will remain online for the time being.

Equipment Sessions

The remarkable nature of Pilates equipment both challenges and supports the body as it learns to move more efficiently. Here at Pure Pilates Ilkley we have a wide variety of equipment making the choice of exercises enormous, 100s of exercises, and most are adaptable to any injury or condition. All you will need is training pants and a top. The ground floor studio has disabled access and facilities so, no matter what your needs are, Pilates classes at Pure in Ilkley are accessible. Private, Duet and Group Sessions are held in this Equipment Studio and are always by appointment only. Group Equipment Sessions, with a maximum of 4 people (3 during the current Corona virus outbreak), are mixed ability, everyone working to their own programme, based around their individual needs and goals, under the watchful eyes of your teacher. When applied correctly, Pilates will make you feel and move better!

There is an option for everyone to take class. No matter the age or physical ability, we can build a programme of exercise based around their very specific need and goals. Pregnancy has its own needs and there is some specific advice below, but please consult your GP or midwife for information on what will be appropriate for you during your pregnancy.

Our clients range in age from 13 to our oldest in their eighties, each with different needs, but they have in common the desire to maintain their fitness or strengthen their body, the need to deal with illness, injury or chronic physical pain.

With small intimate Pilates class sessions in this fully equipped studio, you will leave the building, not only feeling you have worked hard and had fun, but you will also feel totally relaxed and motivated to tackle anything life sends your way.

Online Matwork Classes

All our Group Matwork Classes have moved online for the time being. You can book in for these yourself by following the link below.

What you'll need for your online sessions:
Enough space for your mat or a thick towel, access to a bit of wall space, additional equipment: hand towel, arm weights (tin cans or small water bottles with water work as well!).

If you are unsure as to which class would be suitable for you or you would prefer to start your Pilates journey with an Online Private Session or you have any questions just drop us an email.

All online classes and sessions are offered under Pure Pilates Ilkley existing policies. Individuals are responsible for themselves and need to skip or modify exercises as necessary.

A 24hr cancellation policy applies.

Pilates & Pregnancy

Pilates is a gentle low impact form of exercise and as such it is considered one of the best forms of exercise for a pregnant woman, but you should check with your GP first. Pilates will not place strain on the joints or back. In fact the back will be strengthened as will the stomach and muscles around the pelvic area – allowing for an easier pregnancy, delivery and recovery.

The improvement in muscle tone and circulation gained through practising Pilates will also be of value during labour. An improved circulation allows an increased oxygen supply to the womb and this is less distressing for the baby. And of course the breathing techniques used in Pilates can help with the control of breathing during childbirth.

This general information should not be substituted for the advice of a doctor and the guidance of a qualified Pilates teacher. No two woman’s bodies are the same, and this is especially true during pregnancy. There are workouts that are quite appropriate for some people during pregnancy and not for others. During a normal, healthy pregnancy, moderate exercise is safe for the foetus and helps to boost self esteem, maintain fitness levels and prepare the body for the physical demands of motherhood. Workouts and schedules during the first trimester may have to be adjusted around fatigue levels.

Over the course of the pregnancy the demand on the abdominal muscles should be decreased. During the second trimester, these muscles become stretched out, and with reduced abdominal support, there is a greater risk of injuring the lower back. Further, due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, the ligaments surrounding the joints become lax, so you should be careful not to overstretch. It is important to continue strengthening and re-balancing the muscles around the joints – supporting the body as it goes through postural changes related to pregnancy.

Please consult your GP or midwife for information on what will be appropriate for you during your pregnancy. Follow their guidance on returning to Pilates post-natal. Generally, after a normal birth you should be able to return to a class after your 6 week check up. Your first class back should be a Private In-Studio Equipment Session so that your teacher can assess your individual needs following your pregnancy and the birth.

"From my first session Kirstin has created individually tailored sessions, changing my previously more muscular physique to become leaner, stronger and more flexible, which in turn has greatly improved my posture. Kirstin is a highly skilled and experienced teacher who can clearly explain to even the beginner the purpose and correct positioning for each and every exercise. I personally have been able to change the shape of my body, reducing muscle bulk and therefore weight without any reduction in strength."
J. B. Ilkley