About Pure Pilates

Pure Pilates

At Pure we believe that Pilates is a fundamental ingredient of life, and in balancing mind and body through pure movement, you can achieve your optimal health, mind and body. 

The Pure Pilates logo is a Celtic Symbol, the Five-Fold Rings, sometimes called the “Celtic Wheel of Balance”, which represents the four aspects of life, brought together by the centre one, the fifth element, re-establishing a balanced unified power, of both mind and body.

Led by Kirstin Ferrie, one of only 2 Pilates instructors from the UK to be gold certified with the Pilates Method Alliance, - now they are called 'the Pioneers'.

What we Offer

Pure Pilates Ilkley offers general fitness and well-being exercise, rehabilitation after injury or illness, pre and post-natal instruction, and exercise as part of your weight management programme. The first studio was up stone steps. This meant that Kirstin was not able to teach those who were unable to climb stairs, either through injury or disability. 

In September 2013, the addition of two new ground floor studios meant that she was able to change that and everyone can now attend classes. Due to the extensive and diverse range of exercises available on both the specialised equipment and the mat, Pilates is for anyone and everyone, regardless of age, fitness and physical ability.

Pure Ethos

From the fully equipped studio on the upper floor to the ground floor studios, the large Matwork studio with its feature window, and the smaller Private Room at the front of the building, the ethos of Pure is professional but always relaxed, allowing you to exercise and learn to know your body in a calm and friendly atmosphere.  A class is your own personal 'me time'. Pilates should make everything in your life easier.

The Studios

Pure Pilates first opened its doors in May 2010, and is situated right in the centre of Ilkley, in Back Church Street Court, opposite All Saints Parish Church, close to the thriving shopping areas of Brook Street and The Grove. Ample parking is just a couple of minutes walk away.

From the original fully equipped studio on the upper floor to the 2013 addition of ground floor studios - the large combined Matwork & equipment studio with its feature window, and the small Private Room at the front of the building - the ethos of Pure is professional but always relaxed, allowing you to exercise and learn to know your body in a calm and friendly atmosphere. Pilates should make everything in your life easier.

Upper Floor Equipment Studio

The original Upper Floor Equipment Studio with its beautiful beamed ceiling has had new equipment added to increase its maximum capacity from 3 to 4. These new additional pieces increase the number of potential exercises and aid in the adaptation of exercises to suit each individual client's needs and goals.

Ground Floor Matwork & Equipment Studio

This large studio is  is now the home to our new classical equipment from Purist Pilates in London. It is equipped with high quality purpose made support mats, our new Purist Reformer, Wunda Chair, High Mats, Wall Units and a wide variety of smaller equipment.

Private Studio

This studio may also be used for assessment purposes and has disabled access. It is also used for meetings.

Teachers & Staff

In addition to owner and Principal Teacher Kirstin we have Leiko Miura who joined us as an instructor at Pure Pilates in the autumn of 2017.

Our administration is handled  by Marion, who will be answering your emails and dealing with all the day to day management of our booking system at the computer or at the end of the phone, if not in the studio. 

With the addition of another equipment studio we are advertising for Pilates (in both Matwork and full equipment) Teachers now so we hope to be making some more additions to the teaching team.  Watch this space for details.

Kirstin Ferrie

For Kirstin Pilates was part of her daily fitness regimen as a contemporary dancer.  Injury forced a change of direction and she has been teaching Pilates for almost 20 years, in the UK and around the world. She continues to develop her knowledge & skills from the master teachers.
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Leiko Miura

Leiko worked as a professional dancer for 10 years at the Birmingham Royal Ballet, and took Pilates at their studio. She became passionate about Pilates and continued with this regularly until she decided to leave ballet in 1999. She joined us in 2017.  Leiko is a very keen climber.
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Guest Teachers

Charlie Long

Coming from a dance background, Charlie was first introduced to Pilates when she suffered stress injuries. The Pilates Method became the tool to help break bad habits and to re-educate the body to move more efficiently. 

 She qualified with the Pilates Foundation and is also a Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist with the LSSM and enjoys combining Pilates and Massage Therapy to help identify tight muscles, restoring muscle imbalances, reducing painful symptoms. Charlie was a student whilst Kirstin was teaching at Backlund Pilates in Fulham and still works in London.

Mary Bowen

We had 5 fabulous days with renowned Pilates Elder, Mary Bowen at Pure Pilates in Ilkley. Over the preceding weeks I had kept blinking every time I looked at our online schedule and saw 'Mary Bowen' listed as an instructor in my studio. All available one to one places for clients were snapped up so quickly, we had to have a waiting list! 

 Then two more days of teacher training where we learned, we giggled, we laughed and came away with a lot of thinking! She made it all seem so simple, mind you she has been doing it for longer than most of us have been around! At 85 she is one hell of a lady. We can only envy her her stamina and wish we had all known her when she was young.

Madeleine Backlund

Madeleine was first introduced to Pilates while living in the USA in the early 1980's. She later became a keen client of Alan Herdman for seven years before training to become a Pilates instructor with Trevor Blount in 1990.

Madeleine has been educating Pilates trainees since 1997, when her first Student, an ex-Royal Ballet Student knocked on her Harley Street Studio door and asked if he could train to become a Pilates Teacher. Many have since passed through her studio.

Madeleine has only recently closed her studio in Fulham, but plans to stay involved in Pilates.