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Pilates at Pure in ilkley

What we can do for you

No matter what you have heard or read, Real Pilates is not just a fad fitness regimen for the ladies to be found in the Gym as one of the added extra classes to your monthly membership.

Pilates is Gentle, but challenging and Effective

Pilates, whilst it can be gentle when necessary, can also be very challenging too. Joseph Pilates was a man. He originally designed his Contrology exercises and equipment for men, in an Internment Camp on the Isle of Man. He later developed his Method in the US where it became a well kept secret of dancers and athletes.


Recovery after injury or illness, pre- and post natal care, pain management of chronic musculo-skeletal problems, sports and athletic activity preparation to avoid serious injury, are just a few areas where Kirstin and her team of extensively and highly qualified Pilates Teachers can help.

Kirstin has used her wealth of experience of teaching in widely differing Pilates Studios around the world, in terms of teaching style, studio structure and equipment, to develop Pure Pilates in Ilkley as a calm, relaxing and 'me-time' place to exercise and learn about your own body.

Take your time, have a browse around the website, you will find a wealth of information regarding the variety of classes we offer, timetables and prices and also fuller information on Pilates as a whole, on Kirstin herself, her teachers and all the equipment we have at Pure Pilates Ilkley. If you need more information please give us a call or drop us an email.
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Call 01943 608244 to book your assessment


We have 3 separate studios, the original Equipment Studio on the upper floor and, on the ground floor, a large Matwork Room which is also equipped with pieces from Purist Pilates of London, and a small Private Studio. The ground floor has disabled access and facilities so, no matter what your needs are, Pilates classes at Pure are accessible to all.


The first step to joining any class at Pure Pilates in Ilkley is to book an assessment with one of our teachers. This is your private time to discuss any issues or goals you may have, and for the teacher to start the process of designing your initial programme in the studio.


We are open 7.00am to 2.30pm on Monday, Thursday & Friday, and 7.00am to 8.30pm on Tuesday, Wednesday.
These hours are a mix of group(4) duo or privates. We have a number of Matwork Room classes, both Classical Matwork and Pilates Circuit running in this studio.


All classes in the studios are of 60 minutes and by appointment only. Give us a call to discuss availability.

Private Equipment classes can be held in either the upper floor studio or in the large studio on the ground floor.
From Private, Duo and Group Equipment classes in either the ground or the upper floor studio,  to Classical Matwork and Pilates Circuit classes in the large Matwork Room on the ground floor, there is an option for everyone to take class, regardless of age or physical ability.

Our clients range in age from 13 to our oldest in their eighties, each with different needs, but all have in common; the desire to maintain their fitness or strengthen their body, the need to deal with illness, injury or chronic physical pain. 

Class price varies depending on both the type of class and the package you purchase. For example, Matwork Room classes start at £12.50 as part of a 10 class package (can be a combination of Matwork and Circuit). Group Equipment Studio Classes start at £18.50 as part of the 20 class package.

Classes can be booked with any teacher, any day at any time that suits you during the life of your pass.
Pilates equipment today is similar to yesteryear. Spring tension, straps to hold feet or hands, supports for back, neck and shoulder are as important now as there were to Joseph Pilates when he devised the equipment. The remarkable nature of the equipment both challenges and supports the body as it learns to move more efficiently. Here at Pure Pilates Ilkley we have a wide variety of equipment making the choice of exercises enormous and adaptable to any injury or condition.

The most commonly recognised piece of Pilates equipment is the Reformer, but Joseph Pilates invented many other pieces of equipment and gave them the names which survive today, the Cadillac – because it was classy and versatile, the Wunda Chair – because it was adaptable as a piece of furntiure are just a couple of other examples. They may look quite different to what you expect in a fitness facility, but each was specifically designed with a purpose in mind, to help the body get fitter, stronger or to support and heal.

Client Login & our Online store

Current clients are able to login to our Online Store and purchase their new classes & passes and gift certificates for friends and family. They can also explore our little shop where we stock items such as Toesox, release balls, candles and tops from our own Pure clothing line, both ladies' & men's. 

Toesox are essential footwear in all our studios but we do keep a good stock of these in many colours and sizes and update the stock each season. We also have Grip Gloves by Toesox for sale, which can be very useful.

As well as our clients' online store, all our clothing can be purchased at

Our Pure Ladies Bamboo T-shirts with the full spine outline on the back are available in white, eggplant and denim blue in Small,Medium and Large. 

Long line Bamboo vests are now available  too in Eggplant. 

At the moment we have 3 different quotes available. Two from Joseph, “Everyone is the architect of their own happiness”, “You are only as young as your spine is flexible”, and one from Shakespeare "She may be but little, but she is fierce". It is so good to see the articulating spine in a roll up!

We have  added new 'Pilates Angel' or Phoenix styles, Hoodies and Racer Back vests to the range.

Mens' basic Bamboo Ts are also stocked in eggplant and black in XL size. There is also a limited number of 100% cotton muscle Ts in black. 

All items are available to buy in the studio or clients can order at home from our Online Store and pick up at their next session.
See our Terms & Conditions for details of policies regarding booking, paying for classes and passes, refunds and privacy.
where you can purchase our beautifully 'cashmere soft' Bamboo T-shirts
If you have any queries, give us a call 01943 608244
or drop us an email to and we will sort it out for you. 
You will find us at

so, whether it is fitness, pregnancy, Rehabilitation after an injury or illness, come let us see what we can do to help.


"From my first session Kirstin has created individually tailored sessions, changing my previously more muscular physique to become leaner, stronger and more flexible, which in turn has greatly improved my posture. Kirstin is a highly skilled and experienced teacher who can clearly explain to even the beginner the purpose and correct positioning for each and every exercise. I personally have been able to change the shape of my body, reducing muscle bulk and therefore weight without any reduction in strength.

Kirstin's careful and professional approach is perfect for pregnant ladies or individuals with injuries. With regard to the latter my teenage son benefited massively from this specific targeted approach to rehab, following an ACL replacement suffered playing rugby, culminating in his successful return to contact sport." 

Julie Braham